My growing (unhealthy?) interest in unique board games

It all started pretty harmlessly. I was looking for ideas for Christmas gifts for my kids. We have a tradition in our family that the kids get a Christmas eve gift - usually a puzzle, small toy or game to keep them busy until bedtime. So I am looking for ideas that won't take a lot of time to make, but would be unique.

The came Crokinole.

Yup. I said the same thing the first time. But I was intrigued.

Accorind to Wikipedia : " Crokinole is a dexterity board game similar in various ways to pitchnut, carrom, marbles, and shove ha'penny, knipsbrat, with elements of shuffleboard and curling reduced to table-top size"

So....I was intrigued, not only by the game, the mention of other games I knew nothing of, but by the fact that there is a world championship for Crokinole . Someone, somewhere has a T shirt that says Crokinole champ on it.

Down the board game rabbit hole I went, first looking for cribbage boards, Mancala boards, and then diving deeper into Viking chess or

Hnefataff. The concept - capture the king who is surrounded by body guards while he tries to exit the board. It plays like a chess, with checker

I can make the board easily enough, and maybe even create a knight/guard and king, and make a quick mold and batch out a few sets.

While looking up game board pieces, I fell open the game of UR,

which is reportedly one of the oldest known games. The board is colorful, easy to make, a few pieces, but rules are vague. Apparently the game is so old, someone lost the rule book.

The game of UR led me to the trail of Senet, the Egyptian board similar to UR, but different enough.

So, what did the kids get? I was so enthralled and fascinated that I stated to make them all, and found some other gifts for Christmas eve. Sorry kids, now you know the ugly truth.

What did happen was that I have finsished UR and Senet boards , and have made molds of the Vikings. I may even document how I made the pieces and made the molds for them. The boards will soon be on the site, and the Crockinole board will be a summertime project

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